Corghi Italy

Corghi Italy 2 POST HOIST Screw Hoist ERCO-4022N CEL

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100% Made in Italy

Full clearfloor & Clear top 

Screw up feet with 4x4 adapters 

Full 2 year warranty

CE  Safety regulation

Twin motor screw hoist
Supporting lead nut and
safety lead nut in nylon, for extended durability, superior quietness and low maintenance.

100% Made in Italy

With two motors (one for each column),
controlled by an electronic card for controlling
the drive synchronism of the two columns.

One of their advantageous features is that they do not take up space on the
ground between the columns and they are particularly quiet.

Very low minimum height Screw up feet with 4x4 adapters included 


Lifting Height1880-1925mm
Min Height85-130mm
Lifting Time50-60sec
Warranty2 years
Power supply380V
Overall Height -High/Low2585
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