Mini-Ductor II

Mini-Ductor II (220V )

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Preferred by Mechanics, Mobile Techs and Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) Technicians

The ULTIMATE tool for flameless heating! FASTER AND SAFER than an open flame!

The MINI-DUCTOR II is the professionals choice hand held flameless torch. Leverage the power of technology with invisible heat! The flameless solution for releasing corroded or frozen hardware and other metalic components from corrosion and thread lock compounds. All without the collateral damage normally associated with torches. Heats nuts red hot in seconds!

Patented handheld flameless torch features ergonomic design with slip resistant grenade style hand grip and bright L.E.D. to illuminate work surface.

Utilizing high frequency magnetic fields, all INDUCTOR induction heating tools offer so much more than simple flameless heat!

The MINI-DUCTOR® II flameless torch (with 1000 watts of nuts off power), our induction heating tools are the auto pro’s new best friend:

  • Flameless & Torchless
  • Remove old rusted, corroded or bonded nuts and bolts, gears, pulleys,  and other metal fasteners quickly and easily.
  • Remove stubborn graphics, pinstripes, body side moldings in seconds with adhesive intact!
  • Will not burn or melt glass, paint, plastic, or other nonmetallic materials!
  • ONLY heats ferrous metals.
  • Runs on standard 220v

Proudly manufactured in the United States of America

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